The Chronicle features Dr Devang Desai – June 3, 2017


The following article was published in the Chronicle on June 3, 2017. The weblink to the article is We are immensely proud of our specialist Dr Devang Desai on this accomplishment.


Surgery performed for first time in Toowoomba

A NEW surgery is being offered in Toowoomba for the first time, with a city surgeon learning the procedure from a world-class expert.

Dr Devang Desai performed the first urethroplasty on a patient at St Vincent’s Private Hospital on Thursday, with another operation scheduled at Toowoomba Hospital next week.

The surgery, for men, is where the urethra is reconstructed to cure problems like urethral stricture.

Dr Desai said it was the first time the procedure had been performed outside of Brisbane. Previously patients would have to travel to Brisbane, were faced with having a lifelong catheter or had their stricture dilated and hoped it would not come back.

“In the past, because we didn’t offer these surgeries, a lot of people in the west would just have long-term catheters,” Dr Desai said.

“What I have done, is take a graph from the inside of the check, the inside lining, and essentially patch the urethra, widen the urethra out.

“The aim is they don’t need any further intervention.”

Dr Desai has been back in Toowoomba only a couple of weeks after having completed a genitourinary reconstructive urology one-year fellowship in India with world renowned expert Dr Sanjay Kulkarni.

He said there was a lot of work out there in relation to the surgery, having quickly booked in two procedures since returning. The procedure generally takes about two hours.

The surgery, performed on a man in his 80s on Thursday, came as a relief for the patient who had undergone other surgeries including prostrate surgery for endoscopic resection and dilation.

“It is a complicated procedure. I have done medicine, surgery, urology and I went overseas and did this for a year – it is not something everyone can do,” he said.

Dr Desai said he was the only surgeon in and around Toowoomba able to perform the operation, joining about 200 others around the world.

“I was in Toowoomba before I went on my fellowship, I thought why not go overseas and learn this type of thing,” he said.

“Then patients don’t have to go travelling. It’s nice to offer to the community.

“The biggest thing is, I’m happy to do this service publicly and privately. We can do much more complex things here now, rather than going to Brisbane.”

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