Dr Desai is an invited faculty at USANZ 2019 urethral masterclass. Dr Desai will speak on management of complex pelvic fracture urethral injuries and management of panurethral strictures along with presenting procedural instructional videos.

At USANZ 2019 Dr Desai will also co-chair a session on functional and reconstructive urology along with being on a panel of experts discussing catheter associated urinary tract infections and strategies to prevent this.

USANZ 2019 Program – Brisbane

Commissioner Ian Stewart joined with officers to launch the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Prostate Cancer Awareness Strategy.

The strategy incorporates state-wide information seminars available to all QPS employees, their family members and other emergency service personnel.

The information sessions provided attendees with important information about prostate cancer and was delivered by a local Urologist and Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse.


The International GURS was founded in 2017 with the intention of uniting all reconstructive urologists across the globe .The society offers free membership for all interested delegates. The activities of the society include conducting live operative workshop across different centers in the world accessible to all urologists.

The first such Live surgery workshop is being held at Pune on 21-22 April (Saturday- Sunday) 2018.
We would have world authorities like Dr Mundy and Dr Barbagli demonstrate Urethroplasties from simple to complex.

Dr Devang Desai is an invited faculty to this workshop.

The workshop program is available to download – click here.


St Andrew’s doctors and staff attended a clinical lecture from its new Urologist, Dr Devang Desai about the innovative new surgery he is introducing in Toowoomba. Dr Desai has trained extensively overseas and obtained skills in assisting patients with urology problems, particularly following cancer treatment or trauma to the pelvic area.

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